Saturday, July 2, 2011

TUSAL and OakHaven SAL update

TUSAL and update

Only posting once a month works pretty well for me. It helps me keep a record of my stitching, and the TUSAL deadline keeps me motivated both to stitch and to post.

I got a lot (for me) of stitching done this month. Worked on the OakHaven Owl SAL, my Fair and Square Blackbird Designs round, and Sophie's Pincushion from Shepherd's Bush. So, my TUSAL update shows quite a bit of progress!

There is a satisfying lack of dust in this picture. Thank goodness I took a sec to wipe the edges with my skirt!

And here are the April and May birds from the OakHaven SAL. They are too cute - love the baby owl!

As it's a holiday weekend here, I will have to try and post again about my lovely Fair and Square exchange and the SB pincushion I mentioned above.

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