Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Two posts in a row! Don't expect that to continue. :op But I did want to get my other pics posted.

I participated in my first exchange at the Yahoo! Prairie School Fans group. This is what I stitched for Patricia (no blog that I know of).
Taken from Spring Samplers by Prairie Schooler
Stitched on 28ct Potato Annabelle. I don't think they make this fabric anymore, which makes me sad because I really love it.
Threads of my choice, but they mostly match those called for.

I love the idea of the twisted ribbon on the side, but the sheer ribbon allowed some of the the side to show through. I'd probably need to ruche the ribbon a lot more next time. Also, I experimented with using cotton batting instead of hi-loft batting, and I forgot to put anything in between the layers to hold the pins in! I have been making pinkeep after pinkeep in an attempt to get better, trying out different methods and materials. I'm a slow learner... But I think I'm finally getting the hang of it, because my latest pinkeep, which you'll see as soon as I receive word it arrived, turned out pretty nice...

And here is what I received from Dixie for the same exchange:

I love how she stitched our initials and year on the backing fabric. Lovely finish. Thanks so much to Dixie, who I don't believe has a blog.

Next up is the Hooked on Exchanging Little House exchange. I will save it for tomorrow, so I don't overwhelm my many readers. ;)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Let us just stipulate...

... that I may be a stitcher, but I am definitely NOT a stitching blogger!

Anyway, I have some finishes and exchanges I want to show off.

First, here is my Round 7 square for Nicky R.Motif from Medallions by Rosewood Manor
Unknown Needle Necessities floss & unknown 32 ct linen

And here are Nicky's squares for me:

Next up is what I sent to Joan for the now-defunct To You From Me with Xs exchange. Thanks to Joanne for hosting this summer fob exchange.

Adapted Blue Moon from Small Samplings by Brightneedle
Unknown 28 ct pale blue evenweave
DMC, Weeks, & GAST of my own choosing
My first one over one, and, if wisdom prevails, my LAST. It turned out beautifully, but was not a joy for these tired eyes. I love how the colors turned out, too.

Next, here is the adorable fob I received for the same exchange from Michelle. Unfortunately, I can't find Michelle's blog at the moment.

I want to say thank you to the generous souls who have stitched so many lovely things for me lately. The shelving unit in my living room is dotted with gorgeous pieces and I am just so appreciative.

Thank you, too, to any reader who may still be hanging around this dusty corner of the web. :)

I have more, and maybe I will get around to posting them sooner rather than later!