Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Exchange Blog

Forgive my double posting, but I totally forgot to include this. Joanne has also started a new exchange group. This will be a quarterly exchange, and it looks like folks will vote on a theme each time. This time, we are doing a beach themed scissor fob. I have the BEST idea for this, I can't wait to get started! I *think* the first deadline is today, so check it out.
Well, I am going to take a quick minute to post pics of my latest two projects. I've signed up for another round of exchanges in various spots, so I want to get everything cleaned up before things get too busy again.

First, here are my squares for the Earth Day round at the Fair and Square Exchange:

Design: Seasons of the Heart 2 by Erica Michaels (Spring)
I modified it somewhat by adding the green "hill" border and changing some colors.

And the extras I sent her. I bought a copy of the LHN for myself, too!

Staci finished a bunch of squares from the Fair & Square exchange as beautiful threadholders. Check them out at her blog!

Next up is my pinkeep (or Pyn Keepe as Edgar spells it. Love that!) for Edgar for the HoE exchange. I loved the colors and how everything came together:


And a pic of the trim. I was so happy to find it as it's unusual and I think it went well with the rest. Click for a better view.

Design: Miniature Quaker Sampler by Thistle Threads (from "Tiny Inspirations" leaflet)
Fiber: Cherry Waterlilies
Fabric: 32 ct Sand Storm from the Series of Nature line by Silkweaver

I also received my own lovely pinkeep from Joanne. Everybody was a bit worried because it had been a long time arriving, so I was very excited to open my mailbox yesterday!


Joanne stitched me a design by SanMan originals, who I love. The colors are so sweet and delicate, and the finishing is beautiful. I loosened one of the pins to get a peek at how she finished it, since it was much thinner than my pinkeeps have been. I use the method where you put foam core board between the front and back. Joanne used the one where the front and back are whipstitched together. I think I'm going to try that method next time, it makes a much more delicate looking piece. You can also see the great summery fabric and ribbon she sent. Thanks, Joanne!

Last, here is a pic of my latest WIP. Obviously, it's the Lizzie Kate Doubles series that so many people are doing. I went with the materials as called for, and I'm making quick progress. The progress is quick because I decided that "dream" can be one line off, and a letter (or two) on "love" can be off by 1 thread. Old eyes call for compromises sometimes. Don't you love my thread keeper? It's from Monique of My Mark designs. She carries the neatest stitching gadgets in her etsy shop!

Well, I do have stash pictures, but I think I'll hold off. I'd rather do smaller posts more frequently, instead of a flood or words once in a while. :) Thanks to all who read my blog, and comment. I realize I'm still in the learning stages here, so your visits are greatly appreciated.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Need I title every post with some notation that I'm behind? I think it's a given by now....

Anyway - thank you all for your wonderful comments. Wanda & Edgar, I am so glad you liked what I made for you. I have a critique of my pinkeep for Edgar on the next post - didn't quite turn out how I'd have liked. Practice makes perfect - I plan on making pinkeeps like crazy until I've mastered them...

I have more pictures coming of exchanges, and - *gasp* - actual WIPs!

I don't want to leave you with NO pictures, so here are two of many things I've stashed lately:

By Monsterbubbles - Stitch Graffiti - I'll be reviewing this book coming up soon!

And, this. Yummy! I sent one to an exchange partner, and bought mine at the same time because I couldn't bear to send it out of the house otherwise!

Does anybody know offhand which ONS might have the Weeks wool felt?

Thank you kindly for visiting my blog.