Monday, March 31, 2008

Exchange Received

I read on Lillie's blog that she received my HoE Biscornu package. I am so glad she liked it. I was so pleased with how it turned out. I can't wait to make more!

Here is the front:

And the back:

Here's the whole package. I thought the frog fabric was cute.

The design is by Casey Buonaugurio, and you can find the pattern on her front page. I stitched it on R & R Reproductions Blue Wave. I loved the feel and color of the fabric - I'll definitely be using R & R more frequently in the future. I converted most of the DMC that was called for to overdyed. I used Willow by GAST for the frog stomachs, and I love the way that particular choice worked out. So cute!

It was definitely a fun stitch (even all those french knot toes!), and I plan on starting another biscornu as soon as I finish up the last of my exchange projects.

Also - thank you to those who comment on my blog. It's very cool to know people are reading!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lots of catch-up

My, oh, my, where to begin? Lots of stitching is getting done, but all for exchanges. I do have one finish I can show, which was received ages ago. This is a Fair Square for Mercy (Round 5)

This is adapted from "Cute As A Bug" by Birds of a Feather in an old Stitcher's World magazine.

And here's a pic of the extras I sent along.

I also received my Earth Day squares from Staci, which are just so so so cute!

Here's a snap of both squares, as well as some goodies she included:

Yes, those are honey sticks you see there! Yum. I know they are for tea and whatnot, but I admit to treating them like the Pixie Stix from my childhood and just slurping them down! Delicious. And some lovely linen for more squares! Thank you, Staci!

My squares for Staci will be in the mail in the next day or two.

I also received my very first biscornu from Wanda for the HoE Biscornu exchange. It's just lovely:

She used Silk N Colors Tidal Pool, and the colors are so delicate. I love it! It arrived before I'd finished my biscornu, so it was the first real-life biscornu I'd ever seen, and I was just blown away. Her finishing is just perfect.

She also sent some lovely extras, including pretty blue fabric, some pretty threads and LHN's "Prairie Sampler." I have to admit, I do already own that particular LHN pattern. But, it also happens to be one of my favorites, so it'll be a joy to be able to pass one copy along to someone else some day. Also, please note - the chocolate DID make it into the picture this time! :) Thank you, Wanda, for a delightful package!

I finished my biscornu, too, for the HoE exchange, and it's winging it's way not-QUITE-halfway around the world. I hope it doesn't take too long to arrive. I am SO excited at how it turned out. It was the first one I'd done, and while it isn't perfect, I am proud of how it looks. Very cute pattern, too.

Ok, I have three projects in the finishing up stage, so I'm going to go and get stitching. Thank you for reading my blog, and for providing me so much inspiration with your own! I spend a lot of time with my couple of hundred stitching blogs - yes, I add every one I find to my feed reader. It's why I don't comment so much - it's taking me time to get to know who is who. I actually separated my reading into two parts - one for blogs belonging to people I've exchanged with, and all the rest. Hopefully I can begin commenting on those few blogs and get to participate better in the full experience.

Enough rambling - happy spring!