Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Finishes

I wasn't going to do this, since I just started stitching again a couple of months ago. But I am proud of the few things I finished. So I'll list them here in approximate order of finish date:

The Drawn Thread - Victorian Spot Sampler
Heritage - Dragonfly Pincushion
Bent Creek - Chick On An Egg
Lizzie Kate - Miracles Happen
Dimensions - Daydreams - Time For Tea
Lizzie Kate - Bless The Baby

Except for Time For Tea, these were all things from my UFO pile. Bless The Baby was started many moons ago, I don't even remember which baby! But it turned out well, since it was mostly complete, and was a quick finish for my new little niece.

You can see pictures of my finishes at my Picasa web album.

I am still contemplating whether I want to set goals for 2007 or not. For now I think I want to focus on enjoying stitching again.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

First Post AND a WIP update!

Well, I have zero readers right now, but I am excited anyway. I have been so inspired by the many stitching blogs I've found around, that I sort of feel a new passion for stitching.

Up until the last couple of months, I hadn't really stitched for a year or more. I still bought stash (of course) and drooled over other people's work, and daydreamed about sitting down and relaxing with a needle in hand. But because of health problems, a new marriage, bringing my teenaged son home to homeschool, moving, and working, I never managed to sit down and stitch.

Well, lots of things have changed and I am overjoyed to say that I feel like I have a new enthusiasm for the craft.

I will be posting the couple of small finished I've done over the last two months, and some other WIPs another time. I also plan on developing some goals and joining in some exchanges as I find them.

I think one thing that stopped me from stitching was my massive (and I mean massive) UFO pile. Until now, I considered it a WIP pile, and the thought of finishing things I no longer had any enthusiasm for was just too daunting. So, I picked a few out that I'd like to finish, and those I don't care for are just going to have to languish in the drawer until I feel like working on them or giving them to someone who will.

(EDIT: I removed the WIP pictures, because it's for an exchange. Even though I have no readers, I have joined some boards lately and I worry that my recipient will happen across this post and have her surprise ruined! I'll likely to a blow-by-blow about that project once it's been mailed & received.)

I have never done a project with so many fractional stitches. Even though I haven't carried over more than three stitches, it looks terrible. But, if I anchor them off and start new, there are not enough threads on back to secure the ends. I am reassuring myself that the back won't be seen once the bookmark's finished. I am just making sure not to carry over empty linen.

I don't know how often I will post here. So many people post almost daily, but I don't think I'll be able to keep up that pace. I have another journal elsewhere that is for more personal things, and I need to keep up with that one better than I have been. But, I am determined to keep stitching a regular part of my life, so expect posts here with some regularity.