Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well, I decided to give myself a chunk of stitching time, and I managed to finish the February owls by Tonia of OakHaven Designs. They are so cute!

Daffycat, host of the Totally Useless Stitch-a-long, asked about how to join this SAL. It is for members of Tonia's Yahoo Group. It is the kind where you finish one section and post a picture, then you can be sent the next month's pattern. You could e-mail Tonia to see if she is still accepting participants. Whether you can or not, you could still join the group - she is freebie crazy and has TONS of for purchase designs you can only access as a member. Her designs are sweet and simple; I love them!

I have been stressing because I have a few stitching projects lined up but LIFE keeps getting in the way. My husband and I have started a program to improve our health - I am talking MAJOR lifestyle change. It is well worth the effort, but it has turned our lives upside down and been quite an adjustment. We are also moving at the end of April. So I will have to manage my time very carefully in order to get the real important things done, namely my stitching projects! This is what I have lined up:

1.) Fair and Square Round 23 squares - I have a plan for these, just waiting to hear back from my partner to make sure my slight deviation from the rules is ok by her. Not worried about this one - I am sure I can get it done on time.
2.) Something stitched for the TUSAL prize basket. I have some time on this one, since it won't be sent out until the end of the TUSAL.
3.) A birthday present for my sons GF, due in late May. I worry about this one, because it is right in the midst of unpacking and cleaning our old apartment.
4.) Keeping up with the Owl SAL. Not sure what to do with this, because I am packing up most of my stitching supplies, so I won't have my huge stash of fabric to choose from in April or May. I may have to resort to picking up whatever looks nice from my LNS.

Unless I am forgetting something, that doesn't seem too bad. I am not a speedy or consistent stitcher, though, so I will definitely have to keep up with it.

I wanted to say thanks to the kind stitchers who have commented on my blog! Compared to some of the more popular and entertaining stitching blogs, my feeble efforts aren't worthy of notice. So, I appreciate it when people are nice enough to say hi. Thank you!

Friday, March 4, 2011

I am so sad!

I was so resolved to get some stitching done this month, so I would have more than just my TUSAL. But I only got a few stitches into the Oak Haven designs SAL. So, here is that pic:

I know it is March, but I hope I can get it done in the next couple of days and that Tonya will still be kind enough to send me the March section.

And, here is my ort vase, with a tiny, miniscule addition of threads. You can see that I keep my stitching tray all set up in hopes of getting time to throw in a few stitches!