Friday, August 1, 2008

More exchanges

I wanted to show you the gorgeous pinkeep I received from Mylene for the HoE LHN exchange. (Isn't it funny how we stitchers have our own "secret language"?)

Here is the front, which is one of my very favorite LHN designs, "Night & Day".

And the back, which Mylene fashioned into a useful and adorable scissor pocket. I definitely want to try this technique soon!

And here is what I sent to Nic for the same exchange.
This is from Garden Pleasures (LHN, of course). I just love how this one turned out. The colors were fantastic (I mostly used what was called for. There may be a substitution or two in there, but I didn't keep track.)I love the little butterfly I added, too. The backing fabric, the green & gold - it just all came together so nice, it's one of my favorite finishes so far. I am glad Nic said she likes it, too.

One of the threads I used in there was Dried Thyme by Weeks, I think. My floss was one I've had from waaaay back in the day, and I just adored how it looked. But when I went to my LNS to get more, it's a completely different color! I don't expect them to keep dye lots consistent over a decade, of course - but I was disappointed that the Dried Thyme I love is no more...

Bliss stopped by my blog and commented that we are both working on the Lizzie Kate doubles. Of course, she just finished hers! I feel like I am stitching only for exchanges, and now the Halloween RR. I am going to have to get myself to stitch a little more so I can leave room for other projects. Otherwise it starts to feel like I "have to," which of course means, I immediately don't want to! Anyway, the post on her blog where she courageously breaks down the cost of the project was motivating. I am grateful to live in the U.S. where most things are affordable. At least our falling dollar gives our over-the-lake neighbors a small advantage!

And thank you, Vonna, for your kind comments on the exchange items in my last post.

I have one more thing to show - my recipient finally received what I stitched for the LiveJournal xstitchexchange community's Seasonal Exchange.
This is Summer from L*K's A Banner Year series. I got the pattern from a friend after she'd stitched it, so I didn't have the little fish button called for, and I couldn't find anything to swim in and out of the seaweed on the bottom, but I still think it turned out well. The fabric shown is what I used for backing. It really looks like sand!

And that's it. I'm finally caught up. I'll have an update on my stitching for the Witching for Stitching RR after the weekend.

Thanks to those of you who stop by to look and read. I enjoy being able to my love for this craft with you.