Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Shameful

I logged in today because I was commenting on somebody else's blog and actually forgot where my own blog was located! And found a lovely comment from a (much) earlier post waiting to be modded. I'll have to check to see if there's an option to be notified of comments waiting.

I recently noticed on my Bloglines account that my blog - yes, this one - has 11 readers! Not that there's been anything to read - blogging is much harder than just babbling on about nothing, which has always been my special talent. I will have to work on being more consistent. Maybe I should set a "once a week posting" goal. If I don't have stitching to show, I suppose I can do a reading post. Writing is out for the time being because my muse has apparently run off to the beach for the summer.

And now - I have a finished piece to post! Something that was fun, that turned out nicely, and that I remembered to photograph before mailing off! Here it is:

This is from Heart In Hand's Spring Fobs leaflet. I added the wording, and stitched it on a 28 ct Silkweaver solo - I don't think you can see the mottling, there are some pretty beige and coffee-colored variations in the fabric. The threads were the recommended GAST and WDW. This was for an exchange on LiveJournal.

It's actually the first needlework I've finished in any other way other than framing (or pre-finished items), and I think it turned out very well. I am so enthused with it that I decided to join a new exchange board being created by Becky of BeckyBee's Stitching Hive. It's called "I Think I Can" and it's going to be composed of newbies like myself who want to learn about finishing and become more comfortable with exchanges. There will be experienced stitchers to help out and answer questions and the like. Membership is already closed, but Becky promises that will change as soon as some of us have "graduated" to regular exchanges. I am so excited to have this opportunity! I can't wait to learn some new techniques and get to know everybody. I'm sure it will provide fodder for some interesting pics and posts.